with UpReach in the Community – develop, acquire and enhance your skills for life
An opportunity for young people to gain work experiences and practical skills during the summer

Registration deadline – Wednesday 11th May 2022 Friday 13th May 2022
Interviews – W/C 16th May 2022
Appointment – W/C 23 May 2022
Induction and On-boarding – June 2022
Meet your Mentor – July 2022
UpSkill Yourself – Monday 1st August – Friday 26th August 2022
Feedback and Evaluation – September 2022

What is UpReach in the Community?

UpReach in the Community CIC was founded by Ariane Mercurius-Taylor in 2018 specifically to promote subject tuition, supplementary education, training and workshops to individuals who are unable to access such services and are in need of support to maximise their potential. 

UpReach in the Community’s primary focus is to provide children and young people with opportunities, experience, practical skills and educational support to aid them in their life journeys.   

Our mission is to:

  • Provide tuition services free of charge or at a subsidised cost
  • Help students maximise their potential and reach their academic goals
  • Develop the capabilities, competences, skills and understanding of students.

We are aware that continued support in your academic studies is just one of the important aspects in your life.  So, we are providing you with an exciting opportunity to gain both work experience and a range of practical skills that you will be able to transfer to your academic experience, personal life, career and entrepreneurial endeavours.

A limited number of young people aged 13-25 (with priority given to those residing in Brent) will have the opportunity to UpSkill themselves while aiding in the production of The Edu-Scope Show which aims to shed some understanding on the UK Education System and how that system and other important issues effect a young person’s educational attainment. 

What is the UpSkill Yourself initiative about?

The UpSkill Yourself 2022 Summer Programme will help young people (aged 13-25) residing in Brent to develop their practical skills using our radio show and podcast The Edu-Scope Show (an internet ratio show identifying exploring and discussing the factors that influence children and young people’s educational progress) as a platform to engage and participate in online skills workshops and Broadcasting work experience.

The UpSkill Yourself Summer programme is a hybrid of digital and face-to-face, skills workshops and work experience to help improve skill-set, bolster their CV and access to future workplace and business opportunities among Brent’s young people.

A limited number of young people aged 10-25 (with priority given to those residing in Brent) will have the opportunity to UpSkill themselves while aiding in the production of The Edu-Scope Show which aims to shed some understanding on the UK Education System and how that system and other important issues effect a young person’s educational attainment. 

The 2022 Summer programme (August 2022) consists of four elements:

  1. scheduled practical life skills workshops (online and face to face);
  2. weekly practical broadcasting work experience and contribution to The Edu-Scope Show;
  3. diary and time management;
  4. mentoring programme to help identify skills and strengths.

Our intervention is intended to help bridge the predicted peak in the youth unemployment gap by equipping you with the platform and space needed to develop much needed skills to bolster your  CV, skill-set and future business and workplace opportunities.

Our project aims to:

  • provide a platform that will motivate you to create education, enterprise and work opportunities for yourself;
  • provide you with transferable skills that will strengthen your CV and future opportunities in the workplace and business ventures;
  • equip you with subject knowledge, theoretical knowledge and real life experience that will help you to continue or complete your education successfully; and
  • inspire you to seek out learning experiences and make progress in your chosen career path.

Preference will be given to those residing in the London Borough of Brent but we welcome registrations from all young people regardless of your location.

Registration deadline – Wednesday 11th May 2022 Friday 13th May 2022

What do I need to access the programme?

We are practicing strict social distancing guidelines here at UpReach in the Community and so all aspects of our project will take place remotely with communication being via video call, telephone and email. 

We just ask that you:

  • commit to the on-boarding and induction workshops in June 2022
  • commit to participating in the programme over the summer break: Monday 1st August – Friday 26th August 2022;
  • have regular access to a laptop / mobile device, email account and stable internet / wi-fi connection;
  • gain parental consent, participation and involvement if you are a child or young person under the age of 18 years old;
  • participate in all elements of the programme so that you can benefit from the full experience;
  • be willing and enthusiastic to learn something new and / or build upon your existing experiences;
  • keep track of your progress using our diary work experience workbook;
  • take part in feedback, evaluation and monitoring exercises prior to, during and after the programme.

Registration deadline – Wednesday 11th May 2022 Friday 13th May 2022

About The Radio Broadcasting Edition …

Our UpSkill Yourself: The Radio Broadcasting Edition programme will take place during the summer of 2022 for a period of 4 weeks from Monday 1st – Friday 26th August 2022 and will be four-pronged as follows:

1. Weekly Practical Skills Workshops (dates and times to be confirmed)

The following workshops are just some of what we have planned for you this summer.  They are designed to give you a different type of skill-set and to start you thinking about the direction that you might want take during or after education:

  • Online Safety
  • Presentation Skills and Public Speaking
  • Lobbying the Government on Issues that Affect You and Your Community
  • Project Management: Planning and Implementing a Project
  • Enterprise: What to consider before setting up in business
  • Weekly Physical Exercise and Well-Being sessions

2. Practical broadcasting work experience and contribution to The Edu-Scope Show

You will have the opportunity to work alongside our Broadcasting Team and contribute to the production of The Edu-Scope Show in the following areas:

  • Social Media – managing, creating, scheduling, posting and analysing our social media posts and platforms.
  • Community Outreach – creating awareness of the show in virtual spaces, attendance at various remote community events, contacting experts for guest appearances on the shows.
  • Show Content – planning, writing and scripting the content for each episode.
  • Researching – research into the proposed show themes, suggest other themes for subsequent shows.
  • Project Management – oversee the planning and management of The Edu-Scope Show.
  • Editing – editing the audio content for the episode.

3. Diary and Time Management

You will be given an induction to the programme and a diary/work experience workbook.
The diary/workbook is designed for you to keep a track of your practical experiences, set weekly aims and goals, build a portfolio of your experiences and skills gained and provide time for reflection while participating in UpSkill Yourself.

4. Mentoring Programme

You will be working with a Mentor who will:

  • help you identify your strengths
  • help you identify your goals and work towards them
  • help you expand your skill-set and work experience portfolio
  • encourage and motivate you through the duration of the UpSkill Yourself programme

What do I need to do now?

All you need to do is have an idea of the area of expertise you would like to gain experience in, press REGISTER NOW and then fill out the registration form which will open on a separate page.  We will respond to you via email or telephone.

We are a Volunteer-Led organisation and all of our current voluntary role descriptions can be found using the following links.  You can get a better understanding of what you might learn while on the programme:

Reach Volunteering
Team London

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