Volunteer Testimonials

Ellie Thompson

Administration Team

“UpReach is an organisation that really listens to the community, and picks up on the issues facing the young people and more within it. I’ve loved being able to help an organisation so focused on the current well-being and potential achievements of groups that so often don’t have the support they deserve.’”

Benedict Jephcote

Research Team

“As a volunteer, I feel it is very important to know the users/mentees well. The UpSkill Yourself programme has provided ways to understand what is important to the users/mentees; their needs, wants and how they respond to tasks, ideas and concepts as individuals. This brings long-term
benefits as I can tailor my voluntary work to work more effectively for the userbase”

Bryan Tshiobi

Broadcasting Team

“Volunteering with UpReach has allowed me to keep polishing my skills, while also letting me experience and grow in departments that i never thought i would. The mentees have also benefited tremendously, through the aids of mentors. They have understood the way radio operates and have gained an understanding of the skills they’ve been wanting to build. we try to make the sessions as enjoyable as it can be, allowing for a memorable experience.’”

Henry Louis

Broadcasting Team

“It’s been brilliant to see a programme dedicated to bridging gaps in the education system.”

Francesca Williams

Project Management Team

“This has been an incredibly rewarding experience, providing my skills and expertise to the incredibly useful and well thought out programme. A fantastic use of time, the young people were so positive, engaged and interested – really a great opportunity for them! I will no doubt be pleased to provide
my support for future programmes – aimed at building a brighter future and opportunities for the young generation, especially at such a crucial time in their lives.”

Matthew Omoregie

Logo Design

“UpReach in the Community/UpSkill Yourself has benefitted me as a volunteer, as it gave me the chance to practice my design skills and to gain experience as a logo designer. I also got to learn and communicate with different age groups, as well as get their feedback on my designs. What I learned from volunteering I can implement in the future when pursuing my future career, and I highly thank UpReach in the Community for the opportunity.”

Keneisha Austin

Accounts & Finance Team

“During my tenure at UpReach in the Community, I have been able to grow my communication skills tremendously. The practical accounting experience gained has allowed me to link the knowledge obtained during my studies with the real world. The mentees who have joined the department, came with little to no experience but were able to undertake book keeping task effectively after training. Working with UpReach in the Community has truly been a great experience”

Dhillon Hirani

Research Team, Broadcasting Team, Mentor

“What the programme offers:
This programme Is a fantastic opportunity for young people to learn skills and gain experience in a career they will like to pursue in the future. The programme partners young participants with mentors over a period of a month where they can learn skills such as researching, radio show scripting, interviewing, project management, video editing and more from experts in each respective field. These skills that they have learnt can then be put to practice with a mentor as their guide, as they help the organisation set up for broadcasting their new radio show, also aimed at helping to support young people by broadcasting information on studying techniques, learning disabilities, careers amongst other topics. During the programme, students fill out workbooks where they discuss what they did, what they learnt, what they found difficult and what they were nervous about. The mentor can also give feedback for the students to reflect upon weekly. Along with the mentor-mentee scheme, the programme hosts multiple workshops which we have found to be useful for everyone, including mentees and mentors. These workshops teach lifelong skills such as Public Speaking, lobbying for change, project management, online safety, effective use of social media and others. All participants, including the mentors have enjoyed the workshops and have gained a lot from it.

What I have gained from the programme as a mentor:
As a mentor I have taken the initiative to also try to help young people out with their universityapplications for courses such as medicine and to get into universities like Oxbridge. It has been really satisfying to help these fantastic, passionate students get into the course and university that they desire. It is a new experience for me but I am learning along the way and have tried to put myself in their shoes and help them through the application process in a way that I wish I had a few years ago when I applied. Along with that, the programme has offered a fantastic opportunity to develop team-working and organisation skills through working with like-minded people who want to help young people out of their own goodwill. As a team we have been coordinating how we will like to teach topics to young people such as researching and help them get involved creating our radio show. Finally, the workshops dotted during the week have been really beneficial for me personally as they have helped me develop skills which I would like to learn that could aid me in my career, namely the workshops in public speaking and starting a business.”