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Our Purpose

UpReach in the Community CIC is committed to the advancement and promotion of education, art and science in the community.

We provide various supplementary education services wholly or partially subsidised to those who are struggling with subjects or are at critical stages of their education and need that extra attention to help them achieve their goals.

UpReach in the Community recognises that not everyone can access or even afford private tuition. We exist to provide this service to students from low income households who are unable to afford or access private tuition and who are in need of additional help with their education.

Our mission is to:

Provide tuition services free of charge or at a subsidised cost

Help students maximise their potential and reach their academic goals

Develop the capabilities, competences, skills and understanding of students.

Our Programmes

What makes you unique is what makes you employable!

It’s time to explore your talents by taking part in our new “UpSkill Yourself” programme this August 2022.

Are you a Brent resident aged 13-25?

We will help you develop your practical and life skills and gain work experiences…… getting you READY for your future career in education, work and enterprise!

Click here for more information

or … 

An internet radio show identifying, exploring and discussing the many factors that influence our
and young people’s educational progress.

Listen Live on: And soon after on:


Available as Podcast on:

Private Subject Tuition

We offer one-to-one, group and online tuition sessions. We encourage students, parents, guardians and carers to have a telephone consultation with us prior to booking so that we can advise and tailor the sessions according to the student’s needs.

Please get in contact with us at info@upreachinthecommunity.com.


Our Educational Improvement, Advocacy and Proxy Programme (EIAPP) aims to combine private tuition, parent communication and a tailored educational development plan to ensure that the student reaches educational milestones.

If you would like to register your interest for this opportunity and/or make an enquiry about the EIAPP please email us at eiapp@upreachinthecommunity.com alternatively, fill in the form below and we will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements further.

Volunteer With Us

We are proud to be a volunteer-led organisation and immensely appreciate the time that our volunteers gift to us!

We are at an exciting and crucial stage and are currently looking for volunteers to join our various teams to help expand UpReach in the Community.

If you would like to volunteer with us please email us at iwanttovolunteer@upreachinthecommunity.com or check out our opportunities:

All Donations Are Welcome


With your support we can help fund the cost of a student’s tuition. 

Please donate today using the button below.


Contact Us

For general enquiries about UpReach in the Community, please contact us:

Call us +44 (0) 203 488 2081

Text us +44 (0) 789 480 2081

Email us info@upreachinthecommunity.com

UpReach in the Community CIC is a Community Interest Company and a Non-for-Profit Organisation.

We are registered in England and our Company Number is 11279651.